Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I suppose a baby's life is a series of firsts and this was his first with dirt, glorious dirt. He played joyously, grabbing a big handful from the pot and throwing it wildly over his shoulder. And then of course he ate it. I cringed, he screwed up his face and then forgot about the taste and continued to dig dig dig.

I was thinking of worms and seeds and soil and then I looked at his little hands so enjoying the texture, the patterns it made on the pavers, the dirty fingernails. And I started to relax and let him play happily, all the while reminding myself that it was the beginning of his love for and with nature.

Eat dirt and boost your immune system...sweet child of mine.


  1. He really is the cutest. Poppy had a taste for the rocks in the garden bed. There is no mess though quite like the first ice-cream especially in summer. THe joys of youth.

  2. He's gorgeous! I think he's around the same age as my Maddie? She's also getting right into the fun stuff...dirt, grass, mud...seems to be whatever can make the most mess!!

  3. we own a wholesale nursery and my kids have grown u in the dirt!!! Great for the immune system for sure!!!
    Let alone the fun they have. opshop clothes are perfect for our work days!!!

  4. I just found your blog through Belle and Boo and have to say that I love your blog - your little chap is just the cutest. I remember growing up playing in the dirt and now just love gardening and nature so he's on the right path :) I really enjoyed reading your yoga post. Beary Hugs, Catherine x

  5. My girls have ingested so much dirt I think I can safely say not to worry about it! Even though we live in a rural area on a farm, they still cannot get enough dirt play. We'll go visit someone in the city and my girls will get out of the car, drop to the ground before the door even shuts, and start scratching and building in the tiny amount of roadside dirt, as though they have been dirt-deprived.

    Your son is too adorable!

  6. oh indeed dirt glorious dirt. This puts such a big smile on my face.