Tuesday, July 29, 2008

blessing bracelets

When I was 32 weeks pregnant I invited the women in my life to participate in a blessing way for my upcoming birth. We joined hands and stood in a circle, honouring the connection created between each of us. A candle was lit by my Mum and when I went into labour I lit the same candle, reflecting on the wonderful births she experienced. The women present were asked to share a piece of wisdom to inspire and encourage me as I journeyed towards labour and the transition of birth. I distinctly remember the bright beautiful faces of my friends and the words they gave me. One friend, a midwife, told me to "...just go with the flow". Those words resonated within me from the very first contraction.

An integral part of a blessing way is a blessing bracelet. Every woman present has a bracelet tied around her wrist, binding her to the women in the circle and, in particular, the mum-to-be. The bracelet is worn until the baby arrives safely. It is then cut and a blessing is sent to the new bub.

I have just finished writing a story on blessing ways for Kindred Magazine.

The bracelets in a bowl is a beautiful image because when I look at it I see much more than coloured thread. I see the pregnancy of three women and I see newborn babies. All three bracelets were worn by me. The green/white/red/blue (earth/air/fire/water) bracelet is Che's. The light pink with beads is the bracelet of baby Liviya Raven. And the deep pink/orange is Priya Shanti's.

My blessing way was one of the most important ceremonies of my life. I believe it, along with my sankalpa, helped me experience a beautiful natural birth.


  1. My friends and I do this as well! Unfortunately, I didn't know them when I had my babies so I didn't get to experience being the recipient. But I loved participating in theirs. My bracelets (there were three) looked so raggedy by the time the babes were born. Yours are beautiful.

  2. Wow, this is a beautiful tradition. I've only recently heard of it, and reading your story is inspiring. Birthing really is about going with the flow, isn't it? Letting your body and babe work together - amazing! Great picture too.