Saturday, July 5, 2008


Tea cannisters found at a garage sale down the street. The perfect accompaniment to my teacups and teapots. Yes, I love tea. Picked up an Indian kaftan too. It smells like chai.


  1. These tins just make me think of my parents - these tins were always around when I was growing up. Now, if you were to go into my dad's shed, you would see very similar tins lined up in rows full of different sized nails and screws.

  2. Oh I LOVE these tins! I am very much obsessed with tea, and am drinking the most delicious chai right now! I've just learnt how to make it and am very addicted. Yum!! I am jealous of your find! :)
    I also liked your post about educating children. I don't have any children yet but agree with everything you said. I went to a mainstream school but my boyfriend had a steiner education and now teaches there. Although children of my own are a way off yet, I can see how different the steiner educated children are and what they become and that is definitly something I would want for my own.
    Thanks for your lovely blog! :)