Saturday, July 19, 2008

cherry blossom

So I ventured across the road to the old farmhouse, the oldest house on this street.

Before I reached the gate I saw an elderly woman sitting on the verandah, looking dreamy and contemplative. I asked her if I could come in and she beckoned.

I met a gem. Her name is Ruth and she tells me that she often spends her afternoons sitting quietly, admiring her magnolia tree.

She is an 80-something-year-old woman who loves her garden. Sadly, because of the drought and our subsequent water restrictions, she can't water her beloved blooms like she once could. So she relies on the rain to feed them and she just sits back and hopes for the best.

I asked her kindly if I could please have a branch of her cherry blossom tree. "You can't have just one," she says. She grabs her gardening tools and waddles in front of me, guiding me around hedges and ducking under stray branches. She sends me home with 5 cherry blossom branches and I promise her I'll visit again soon.

I found my beloved cherry blossoms and I met a new friend.


  1. I've been wishing I had an old friend to chat with on sunny afternoons, so it's nice to read of your new friend.. And so lovely that she shared her beautiful blooms..

  2. So lovely. There's an older lady on the way to one of our local parks. I guess she too must be around 80 years, very slim and always perfectly dressed. Every time I've seen her she has been wearing a longer straight skirt, stockings and shoes, a skirt with a pan collar and a cardigan, I remember her most clearly in lavender. She has the most piercing, sparkling blue eyes. Whenever we come across her I just wonder about her and her life. I can't think of a way to enter into her world, aside from saying (which I'm not averse to doing) how striking her eyes are. I may be completely wrong, but to me there's a story with that lady, many stories, I'm sure she's lived quite an amazing life.

  3. Isn't it funny how little effort it takes to find someone truly lovely and amazing to talk to? As a writer, I often wonder what people's stories are and I love to hear about other people finding them out!

    And the cherry blossoms are gorgeous!

  4. hello jodie OMG! would you believe i have found you because i was searching "magnolia trees sydney" in google and i've clicked in one of your images and took me to your beautiful blog. i'm currently searching for a location with magnolia or cherry blossom tree for a collaboration photoshoot. this place would be absolutely perfect for it. i've put a moodboard together for it here: anyway just thought i'd mention just in case something nice might happen. thank you so much. cheers for now, luisa