Sunday, September 15, 2013

twelve | practicing simplicity

Poet's pretty collection of holiday essentials

Carry a lighter load.

Whilst I revel in simplicity in the home I'm afraid to admit that when I'm travelling I'm an "everything but the kitchen sink" kinda girl. Even when I'm out and about around home I still carry a bag reminiscent of Mary Poppins; reach in and who knows what you'll pull out?!

But this time, as we prepare for our first overseas holiday as a family, I'm embracing simplicity by packing light - less to carry and less to worry about. It's not an easy feat with children in tow but I did it (much easier considering we're off to a warm climate where light clothing is essential).

As I sorted and folded and rolled and tucked, I started thinking about those families who move far, far away and only take the essential with them. What do they pack? What would I pack? What is so important to me that I couldn't live without it? It's a good mindset to have when simplifying the home and one that I will, no doubt, adopt upon our return.

So: start with your handbag. When you simplify you're not so weighed down.

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