Wednesday, September 25, 2013

bali | bungalow

After six days in Ubud we travelled two hours north-west into the rainforest of Central Bali. We spent three days in an open bungalow crafted from bamboo and teak where orchids sprouted from the bathroom wall and fireflies danced outside the mosquito net come dusk.

When we planned this holiday we knew we wanted enough time to settle into a rhythm of sorts; we didn't want to rush from villa to activity to tourist destination. Travelling with children is a constant reminder that slow and simple is best, especially when you're navigating a new country. It's taken me a good week to feel settled here and to realise that it's best to let go of concern rather than focus on the risks (it hasn't been a graceful process). 

We have a few more weeks to experience this island with its rich culture and deep spirituality. This is a land of people who smile big and with all their heart. 

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