Wednesday, September 11, 2013


sweet peas with the richest scent from mama + popa's garden (they've grown particularly well next to coriander) / starting to put a few things aside for Bali (including lovely gifts from fabrik and lilya)

Saturday marks the end of six weeks of solo parenting. Daniel has been working away and I have been working full-time, a new experience for us and one that has, at times, been downright challenging. At the beginning I found myself getting completely overwhelmed with the weeks ahead so I quite literally had to take it one day at a time. I'm mindful that this could be a new normal for us (the film industry is renowned for short notice and long, long hours) but for now I'm grateful that the end of this stint is near. Yes!

Today I finalised stories for work, wrote lists of things to buy and clothes to pack, looked at all the food still in the fridge and thought about the best way to use it all before we go away (juice, anyone?). I tried my best to put our broken/unfixable car and a whole lot of lost money into perspective, marvelled at the non-existence of public transport in our area and accepted help from the grandmothers (again!). After considering, buying and then returning a high-waisted bikini I purchased two gorgeous one-pieces (bandeau and halter) that fit beautifully and will last for the next three summers - fingers crossed. 

Yesterday evening, after Che had spent the afternoon eating ice cream and swimming in the rock pool with mama, he held my hand as we walked and said aloud: "Ah, this is the life." Isn't it just.

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