Friday, May 31, 2013

winter : a seasonal series

fallen leaves on a city street / bare branches, new moss / star camellia

Come 4pm I journey around the house; closing windows and blinds, lighting pillar candles. I gather the wool socks that have ended up in various rooms and I return them to little feet that don't seem to care about the cold.

Our house is beautifully cool in summer and terribly cold in winter. The open-plan, big windows and filtered sun rally against us as we settle in for the season. Over the years we've learnt the importance of wearing layers, closing doors and blocking drafts. Tea drinking is vital and soup is a staple.

It doesn't snow here and we're lucky if we get one frost but the leaves still fall and the crisp air lingers. Whilst we spend mornings and late afternoons bunkering down, come midday we are out and about; soaking up rich winter sun that warms to the core.

I've almost come full circle with this seasonal series and it's been such a blessing to stop, witness and document seasonal changes. I know that one thing is for certain: each season comes with its own rituals that we embrace, gratefully so.

Northerners, happy summer to you! As we venture into the dark, you move out into the light. Here's my summer series, just for you. 

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