Monday, May 6, 2013

gathering with creatives

photos by tim

Friday was a beautiful affirmation for me; an opportunity to be thankful for community and creativity.

I've always believed the creative process is an organic one and so it was apt that The Creatives workshop unfolded intuitively; it became so much more than the sharing of notes and advice. The conversation was passionate and honest; we talked about photography, words and documenting life - precious, imperfect life. 

I revelled in the opportunity to gather with these gorgeous women, most of whom I had 'known' for years. I taught them in the best way I know how; connecting with them, leading them through gentle yoga poses, encouraging them to be present and grounded. I observed their process; the spark of story ideas, the consideration of new photography techniques and perspectives.

Over lunch the conversation turned to family and then, as we walked to a little Sydney beach, we took notes with our cameras and spoke of integrity, good intentions and simple pleasures.

Nurturing creativity - it's essential and yet, do we do it enough?

A heartfelt thank you to the nine women (and three babies-in-bellies!) who came on Friday. Belinda, Steph, Tara, Anna, Belinda, Jessica, Corrie, Meagan and Ali - it was lovely to meet you.

Tim and I are hosting one more Sydney workshop on July 26th. We have a few places left - email me at for details

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