Wednesday, May 8, 2013

scenes in blue

/ watching the water journey from the mountain to the sea. I'm etching a new relationship with him, standing my ground while we hear about what so-and-so is allowed to do/watch/play/eat. It's so easy to give in but with persistence and gentle explanation he understands. I think it will always be challenging to have him question family rhythms and values but I recognise that it's an integral and healthy part of development. Ebb and flow.

new pixie boots c/o the horse and a billowy dress c/o Lilya (worn here, too).

/ late afternoon light on the Hawkesbury River Bridge (overlooking beautiful Brooklyn).

/ early morning view over Manly Beach. Daniel and I stayed at The Sebel where I marvelled at the pure white (no grubby fingerprints!) towels, big bath and plush pillows. Staying at a hotel is such a rare treat.

/ there she is, on the edge of light and shadow, sand and water. I can see the spark of the two-year-old; she's rough and tumble with affection, defiant and gorgeous. 

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