Monday, April 29, 2013

the school series : painting a forest

School holidays - so much better than school.

There will probably be a stage in my near future where I regret such a statement but for now I'm quite happy to sing it from the rooftops. For the past few weeks we've relished in rhythm rather than routine, it's been a nice breather. Our days have been pretty spontaneous; slow mornings followed by beach visits, late lunches, and an afternoon movie or two. Che spent every second day playing with the kids next door; climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline, discovering an overgrown cubby down the back -  the essential ingredients for a good childhood, I believe. 

When he wasn't squealing from the garden or running through the trees, he was at the table requesting food or a paintbrush. We've been using picture books as inspiration for paintings (A Forest, in particular) and when paper gets boring we move onto the driveway, a box of chalk in hand. 

Tomorrow morning it's back to school; the uniform is ready, I am not.

Our favourite art supplies include the most luscious Lyra pencils, vivid chalk from chalk chook and the entire Micador range; especially their watercolours and green eARTh products. 

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