Monday, April 15, 2013

lilac & honey

sage tea to help dry up the milk / sweet floral clothes from printbebe

It's raining here today, for breakfast we ate porridge with maple syrup and banana and I can't see us getting out of our pyjamas for a good while yet. 

Slowly but surely my energy is returning and for the first time in months I feel grounded. Since Poet weaned she has been absolutely ravenous and as I prepare food and watch her devour, I'm mindful of what my body fed her for all those months. Retrospect is such a brilliant teacher and this week it's provided such wonderful insight. Put simply I've been tired this past while, my days have been unproductive and I've been uninspired. There is an undeniable sadness as Poet and I navigate this new stage but there is also a sweet calm that comes from renewed energy and a clear mind. 

As we bask in lazy holiday repertoire I'm revelling in a new kind of freedom. My days are slow and spontaneous, just how I like them. 

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