Saturday, April 20, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Che: Just. So. Happy in the ocean - clothes 'n all.
Poet: In amongst the plants she found a bird bath. Oh!

Blonde and blue-eyed - they are looking more alike and I think I captured it here. 

My beautiful friend, Claire, started The 52 Project this week with an adorable shot of Eulalie and her first set of piggies / Megpie's portraits of Eleanor and Felix are soft and sweet / Lola, Pearl and Stella in a palette of ochre, gold and crimson leaves - pretty as a painting / I really like this "near and far" - if you're looking for new perspective, this is a simple yet inspired idea / and Stella in Sulawesi; she's not impressed.

In last week's comments Nikki shared a beautiful lesson that she learnt in a photography workshop. "...I still remember the best tip from that class; the teacher told us that great photography comes down to light, lens and love." I couldn't agree more - look for intriguing light, a good lens makes all the difference and, lastly, photograph because you love it, capture someone or something that you love. 

Kate also shared an idea to ensure everyone doing The 52 Project receives comments each week. "Each week when I leave my link I go and look at and comment on the two links before mine. Of course I look at more if I can but you know how it is, there's not always time for comments. Every blogger knows how lovely it is to receive comments, so that is my way of making sure I spread some around each week." Feel free to take up her suggestion, if you like.

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