Monday, March 25, 2013

autumn : the ordinary

Outside it's still summer but come inside and you'll notice; the autumn mood has fallen. Our days have been punctuated with sniffles, fevers, weariness and foul moods (mine).

Yes, the lull is here. Last week I moped about feeling completely overwhelmed, this week, so far, is much the same. I think this first term of school is really starting to take its toll. Yesterday I watched the children walk up the stairs and into their classroom with a little less bounce than previous weeks. When I looked around at the mamas I saw the same. We're all counting down the days to a four-day weekend, comforted by the fact that the two-week holidays are just around the corner. 

It's also time for me to start thinking about weaning Poet. Just like with Che, the 20-month mark is when I really start to recognise my tiredness, impatience and need for a little more independence. I have a used-by-date and it's fast approaching. For these next few months I'll take it slowly and talk to Poet about the fact that milky will be finished soon. But last night, when I asked her whether she wanted milk before sleep, she lifted her arms high in the air and yelled: "Yay!" Such joyous enthusiasm is hard to resist.

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