Wednesday, March 6, 2013

autumn : notes from my naturopath

I'm watching hues of rust and ochre seep into the landscape; summer fades to fall.

Summer was all about the heart, eating bitter foods to cool the blood and hence cool the body. Since I had Che I have always been irritated by the heat - so much so that I loathed the hot weather. But regardless of the numerous heatwaves we experienced over December and January I never once felt agitated or overly hot. Now I really understand and appreciate the benefits of eating a seasonal diet; allowing nature to dictate my menu.

I always mark the turn of the season with a visit to my naturopath. It's an opportunity to learn more about my body and how it relates to the change in weather. I always experience a lull in autumn, both emotional and energetic, and whilst it hasn't arrived yet I know it will come with the first cold wind - I'll recognise it, be with it, and then move on. 

Autumn is about the lungs - ultimately we want move any waste out through the blood with an increase in vitamin C and we want to get rid of excess mucous so it doesn't sit on our chest during the colder months. Our diet should include pungent foods to cleanse. These include garlic and onion, thyme, and spices like fenugreek, tumeric and cardamon. 

Other seasonal suggestions include:
  • green smoothies - kale, baby spinach, apples and pears
  • nettle tea; a powerful cleansing concoction
  • burning 'woody' oils to dilate the airways - pine, juniper, frankincense, eucalyptus* 
  • if you have a moist area in your home try burning cedarwood, tea tree and or lemongrass*; they help to dry fungus and mould
  • for fabulous tips on mould removal, pop over to biome's blog
  • for a sweet and therapeutic afternoon treat try pineapple, mint and ginger juice
In the past few weeks I've noticed that Che and Poet want more for breakfast so I've been making porridge and toast to accompany smoothies or fresh juice. We're a family of grazers and I find, especially in the colder months, that I can easily spend most the day preparing food. It's exhausting and overwhelming at times, the desire to feed your children the very best, and often time and energy get in the way. I've been reading some great cookbooks lately, slowly introducing a few new recipes into our diet. My favourite meal at the moment is simple, nutritious and so quick to make. Poet loves it, Che runs from the plate (you can't please everyone):
  • chop kale, leek, beans, capsicum, perhaps some green chilli, and brocolli
  • head 1.5tbs coconut oil and add the leek and a little crushed garlic
  • after a few minutes add the vegies and cook for about 5-7minutes on med-high heat
  • add a little salt and pepper and perhaps a squeeze of lemon juice
  • enjoy (serve with brown rice, if you like)
What's your favourite autumn recipe?

*some oils aren't safe to use in pregnancy (especially clove oil) so always check with your health food store/naturopath before you burn them in the home. 

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