Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the rock pool

For the child who lives on the Australian coast, the rock pool is a place where memories are made.

It's so close to the ocean, yet so far from the waves. A protected pool where little friendships are forged and beach toys are shared. Regardless of the weather, young families flock here, lured by the promise of an easy, carefree day. 

This morning we took Poet down to the water; grey skies and big surf didn't deter. She let her feet sink into the sand, followed the stream of salt and waved to me as I scaled the rock wall, capturing her adventure from afar. 

For the next few months we'll take our towels, beach baskets and snacks to the rock pool. The car will be full of sand, we'll loose the keys at least once and I'll wonder where on earth I put the sunscreen. We will visit a multitude of beaches, some close, some far, and indulge in the blessing that is the Australian summer (and the sleep that naturally follows salt, surf and sand). 

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