Tuesday, November 6, 2012

sprout, grow, bloom

There is an undeniable pleasure that comes from watching plants grow; especially the edible variety. 

At the moment my balcony garden is green and lush, a range of my most-loved herbs and salad greens sprouting from pots - some gifted, others found and collected. Perhaps my all-time favourite herb is society garlic; a hardy plant that withstands all conditions (even lack of attention). Sometimes it produces delicate lilac flowers but even when it doesn't this is one of the richest plants I have ever eaten. It has a strong scent and taste and it works wonders in Italian dishes and garden salads. Blend it with butter and garlic and spread over toasted sourdough and you have the best garlic bread in the world. 

Tonight I'll be cooking spaghetti bolognaise and a rocket salad - infused with society garlic, of course. We'll be celebrating Daniel's return after five days away. We have missed him terribly, especially at night when the house feels a little too quiet and there's a definite lack of dramatic voices at storytime (he does the earth worm from James and the Giant Peach oh so well!).

Tell me, what's your favourite herb and how do you use it in the kitchen? 

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