Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The jacarandas along our street are in full lilac bloom and I can't help but stop every time we walk past them.

Seasonal flowers have been the pretty in our rather normal week. Poet has been feverish and clingy, uninterested in food and very interested in me. Sleep has been broken and the days have been long; a cycle of resting, cuddling, pottering, comforting. 

Despite lying low and moving gently I have been quite productive. I bought a 2013 diary and finally accepted the fact that the new year is just around the corner, my desk is clean in readiness for the pre-Christmas deadlines and the washing finally got sorted and put away. I'm ignoring the sense of urgency that appears so suddenly at this time of year and rejoicing in fabulous op-shop finds (Christmas books by Shirley Hughes and Dick Bruna; two of many titles that will be mentioned in my "Christmas Reads" post, coming soon). 

I also managed to squeeze in a quick yet thoroughly enjoyable lunch with Tracie and Linda of Dragonfly Toys. It was so lovely to finally meet them and hear all about their plans for the shop and Kokonor. They were pleased to hear that both Che and Poet will be having a very Dragonfly Christmas - Che is getting the cable car and Poet will be unwrapping the rainbow. Perfect.

Now, as we venture towards the weekend, I'm looking forward to simple dinners and early nights, perhaps a beach visit and a morning walk. You?

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