Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the make believe collection, by udder

When I visited Fliss and sipped just-made chai in her kitchen, she told me about her hopes for udder. At the time, her little boy Art was 1, and like all mothers she had just lifted from the fog of the first year. She was eager to see her sketches become handmade friends and she desperately wanted to create a collection of children's clothes.

So she moved her family to Bali, set up home in a sweet villa and enjoyed regular jaunts to the beach and the rice paddies. Once settled she established a relationship with boutique manufacturers and gained access to the Italian designer "off-cuts" that are created using ancient Indonesian techniques - Batik, Tie and Dye, Shibori. 

Before long she was swept up in the creative process and was witnessing her designs become clothing in a fabulously sustainable way - recycling fabrics and preserving traditional crafts. Last week The Make Believe Collection launched - a celebration of quirk and whimsy. it's wonderfully bohemian with a necessary dash of practicality.

I'm so inspired by Fliss' journey and her determination to create a unique and sustainable business. My favourite pieces? Most definitely the tin tin pants (for my tin tin fan), luna's swimmers, Oki short and Ringo tee

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