Saturday, September 1, 2012

spring : at home

Have you ever come across The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? It's a great read and I especially love her musings on de-cluttering. Upon discovering the joy of a clutter-less wardrobe she goes about simplifying her entire home and discovers an enormous sense of happiness in the process. 

I'm a big fan of making space - getting rid of the unnecessary; simplifying. Some may say it's the practice of non-attachment - a common goal for the yogis among us but not always easily achieved. For me, spring is the time to de-clutter. The home-body in me loves to potter and clean, sort and rearrange. It's non-pregnancy nesting and I revel in it. 

Over the past few weeks I've been collecting my spring cleaning essentials...a few things to make the clean a little more enjoyable (and aesthetically pleasing). Here's my list:
  • I'm not exaggerating when I say that Murchison-Hume's "Boy's Bathroom Cleaner" changed my life. I detest cleaning the bathroom but this lightly scented spray is powerful. It smells delightful and leaves my bathroom shiny and squeaky clean. I also use Murchison-Hume in the kitchen - the Superlative Hand Soap is a fixture on my windowsill and the Counter Intelligence Food Safe Surface Spray is used daily and loved. 
  • As well as burning frankincense, lemon and eucalyptus oils I light a beeswax candle everyday. Beeswax is a natural air purifier - it clears the home of odour, pollens, dust, mildew and mould and leaves a fresh honey-scent. I always buy Queen B candles - highly recommend. 
  • We've had a bit of a problem with mould in the past but my home-made concoction has worked wonders. I fill a spray bottle with water and add eucalyptus oil, clove oil (not recommended for use in pregnancy), lemon juice and a little white vinegar. I usually give the area a clean with straight vinegar and then spray the concoction on and leave to dry. Clove oil actually kills the mould.
  • Just-picked freesias are my favourite bloom. They grow wild along our street and one particular neighbour (a dear old man who was born just over the hill) has a plethora of them sprouting in his garden. I stop for a chat and he picks a few for me to bring home. Freesias on the windowsill - hello spring!
  • Linen tea-towels....make the dishes slightly enjoyable. I treated myself to a few of maze&vale's handprinted, handmade designs. 
One of the biggest jobs on my list is sorting through the children's clothes. I have saved all of Che's clothes so far - 0000-4 - and I'm wondering whether I should hold onto them or not. There will be more babies but it seems silly to keep every piece of clothing when they could be worn by someone else. Perhaps I should just save the special and sentimental things? What do you do with all your outgrown children's clothes?

gorgeous accent plates from the Fable collection c/o Royal Doulton. 

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