Friday, September 7, 2012

spring : seasonal reads

As a new season approaches I go through the bookshelf and take out the relevant stories. At bedtime and wake time and afternoon in-between-time we read together and talk about the pictures and the words and the quirky characters that fill the pages.

So, it's spring, and here's what we're reading to welcome the season:
  • Spring is Here by Taro Gomi. I bought this for Che when he was a little one and now it's one of Poet's favourites. Sweet illustrations and simple yet evocative sentences lure the tiniest of imaginations
  • Bumping and Bouncing by Alison Lester - the one who glorifies Australia and Australian families in all her wonderful work. This is a lovely little rhyming book, easily held by chubby toddler hands. 
  • Thanks to Lauren Clare who recommended the breathtaking A Forest by Marc Martin. Dubbed one of Australia's "most talented new picture-book creators" Marc has created a timeless tale complete with the most beautiful illustrations and paintings. I purchased our copy in a little bookshop in Berry and when it hasn't been on the bed-side table it's been decorating my mantle. 
  • I discovered All Through the Year by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker a little while ago. I was delighted to finally find a book that followed the Australian seasons(at the right time of year). Told through the eyes of a child this is a beautiful story complimented by Anna's whimsical and utterly lovely illustrations. 
  • Today and Today is the creation of Brian Karas. Inspired by Issa's emotive haiku poetry, Brian tells the story of a family who endure loss and experience healing. A celebration of the seasons and the simple wonders in the days, this is a precious book that I'll be keeping even when my children are grown. 

I think the books we read was one of my all-time favourite posts. The comments section became a fabulous list of 'highly recommended.' I suggest you pop back there - it's perfect inspiration for your next library visit.

I'm expecting some spring-reading suggestions from you too - what's your favourite story to read in spring? And, if you're venturing into autumn, please share your much-loved tales about the leaves falling....I'll keep it in mind for next year.

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