Saturday, June 30, 2012


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2012."

Che: Oh sweet boy, you're back from months of uncharacteristic behaviour. Grounded.
Poet: In her presence it's hard not to smile. So we smile - big. 

We're halfway through 52...which means we're halfway through the year. Eeeep! 


  1. they make me smile ... beautiful children x

  2. Whenever I see Poet, I want to squeeze her ever so gently. Che makes me think of when my now big boy was young, and all the wonders of a little boy's day.

  3. I love this series of yours and the little bits of your children's everyday you capture

  4. Che is four isn't he? i've learned it's a real thing for boys when they hit four to completely turn their behaviour inside out.
    i think it's a combination of a testosterone surge & a pulling away from being so closely identified with their mamas.
    it takes me by surprise, and makes me real sad to find my usually affectionate boy suddenly be all snarly - until i remember it's a normal season and nothing personal.
    so pleased he's 'back'. *exhale* x

    1. It's been interesting and testing but gosh, in retrospect it was just a might growth spurt and expanding of awareness. I knew you would be the person to offer sound advice x

  5. I look forward to these images ever so much each week...and again I'm inspired by your little's! Gloriously beautiful x

  6. Just lovely! I too look forward to seeing these photos... it seems they grow a bit more every time I see them! xx

  7. It's ridiculous how 26 just came up out of nowhere. Then again, it can be positive in other ways. This is a great series, keep up the great pics.