Friday, March 23, 2012

a little bit of sunshine

Lover of Vintage gifted me a sunshine award. Thank you! Nothing like a bit of light to lift the day.

There's some questions involved, so here are my answers:

Favourite colour? Hmmm, it changes with the seasons and my mood. Right now I'm loving olive green, sunshine yellow (apt, I know) and soft grey. On the topic of colour I particularly like the words palette, hue, sorbet and pastel.

Favourite animal? Meerkats and sloths. Odd creatures.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Cappuccino or tea (of any sort but especially nature's cuppa, peppermint, chamomile and nettle). 

Facebook or twitter? facebook

Favourite number? 2

Favourite day of the week? Sunday

My passions? Writing, yoga (especially teaching pregnant women), photography, interiors (styling them), cooking, reading, mummying

Getting or giving presents? Both

Favourite pattern? A bohemian-inspired paisley (but nothing too over the top)

Favourite flower: Poppies, ranunculus and freesias 

Hoping these girls will accept a little sunshine:



  1. Sweet to hear a few new things, Jodi. I am trying to picture a not-over-the-top "bohemian-inspired paisley"... failing miserably. Oh and freesias are my favourites too. I planted 100s of them and every Spring I'm in love. x

  2. Oh I loved reading this! I am only a new follower so it's awesome to read some random {sloth? really?!} things about a stranger :)
    Love fressias, not a fan of twitter {haven't caved yet!} and what an awesome passion teaching yoga to pregnant mamas. Beautiful!
    Hope youre having a great weekend and enjoy your fave day tomorrow!


  3. oh! what a lovely surprise :)
    thank you.
    i hope you're having a sunnier weekend than we are...


  4. oh jodi, you made my heart lurch with shock, thank you so much. I, with a lump in my throat, accept your beautiful ray of sunshine with a huge smile. xxx

  5. thank you enormously Miss Jodi,
    nothing like a bit of extra sunshine on a monday morning.
    i hope you have the greatest week.