Sunday, January 30, 2011


Have you seen the book Shack - In Praise Of An Australian Icon? Photographer Simon Griffiths has scoured the country, trailed the coast and delved into the green, leafy pockets to find artist's abodes, fisherman's sheds and gardener's cottages. Each photograph is printed on thick luscious paper and the font is organic in its line and colour. There are a few pages that make my heart sing: a weary, bearded man sitting in a torn leather armchair, a bowl of hearty vegetable soup, crusty bread, red wine on an old, old table. Nothing is new in these pages. Everything has history, fingerprints, the patina of many hands and many conversations. Some shacks abound in clutter whereas others contain only the necessities; a gas stove, a kettle and a hammock. For the owners of these glorified sheds, simplicity is the essence of their homes. They don't buy new. They reuse, recycle, redo. A good lesson, if ever I read/heard one.


  1. i have not peeked into this but now i want too.

  2. Oh it is soooo amazing isn't it?! I got it for Christmas and devoured it in one day. So much inspiration. Reminds us of the simple things x

  3. Sounds lovely indeed. I shall have to keep my eye out for this book.


  4. oh my goodness! i just saw this book in a magazine the other day and thought how wonderful it looks! thanks for the beautiful review :) xxx

  5. i went to borders to buy this the other day and it was all sold out!

    looks like a gorgeous book...

    kel x