Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We have been spending time at home; a humbling experience considering the devastating crisis in Queensland.

Australia's third largest city prepares to go under water early tomorrow morning - the dread and fear of those in Brisbane must be palpable.

Entire towns have been washed away, lives have been lost and there are 43 people still missing. Seventy five per cent of the state has been declared a Disaster Zone. Mother Nature really has unleashed herself.

You can read more about the crisis here ... and if you would like to donate money to those who have lost everything, visit the Australian Red Cross.


  1. hi jodi
    these times make you pull even closer to your loved ones and cherish your dry peaceful bed and abode. best wishes for you and your family in 2011.

  2. they are in my prayers...all affected.

    your bookshelves are lovely :)

  3. Your house is beautiful. I feel so grateful even to be in this cold dark winter, safe in my little apartment.