Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yesterday was typically Australian in every way. It was hot, hot, hot, we sat around a BBQ for dinner and we celebrated with beer and cheesecake (no beer for me). It was also my dad's birthday and rather ironically, he's an Englishman who celebrates the day of his birth on Australia Day. Apparently it was a good enough excuse to move Down Under.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening sitting under the grapevine with my feet in a bucket of water - the perfect way for a pregnant woman to stay cool. But then, after a while, I found the inspiration to finally pick up the camera. I'm still getting used to the new buttons, learning from scratch again. Which, truth be told, I find confronting and annoying. I've got a book that so accurately describes me based on my day of birth - "dreamer, idealist" - it says. In my world, everything needs to be perfect. At least I'd like it to be so. When I take not-good-enough photos I really struggle. I hate not being able to do something by myself, hate having to ask for help. But, thankfully, Mr patient and so-good-at-explaining Daniel is there beside me with a calm voice and a thorough knowledge of the camera. When I take the time to listen I actually get a lot out of it (Yes, I admit it, rather sheepishly).

Next year is Dad's big 6-0...huge celebrations are called for and they will, most definitely, and without doubt, include a good-ole-BBQ. Because a birthday and Australia Day just wouldn't be the same without it.


  1., these are lovely photographs?

  2. These are really lovely photos. I`m afraid I am also not very good at asking for help, rather, I can ask for it but I don`t take the advice very well.

  3. Happy Birthday Dad!! The photos are great, Jodi, and that looks like a perfectly lovely place to spend such a silly hot day.

  4. Those photos are great! But I totally understand, I'm always frustrated with the quality of my photos. But then I really don't like taking help from my husband. I should work on that. x