Thursday, October 28, 2010


At playgroup this morning all of us mums were commenting on the sense of urgency that seems to be creeping into out lives right now. We're all feeling the rush of festivities a little early this year. I was comforted to know I'm not the only one feeling a little overwhelmed.

This morning, before said conversation with other mums, I was feeling incredibly, and rather strangely, organised. I was out of the house and in the car about to run errands before playgroup started. I thought it was a little strange that when I got into the driver's seat I had to adjust it. And then I thought it was even stranger that my key wouldn't fit into the ignition. Hmmmm. I jingled and jangled the key about a bit. Still no luck. Damn, there goes my organsied day. And then it dawned on me that last night, while Daniel and I slept only a few metres away, someone had got into my car and tried to start it. It was such an awful feeling. And then came the guilt because I had actually left one door unlocked. And then, and I'm sure this comes as no surprise, I burst into tears. Big, fat tears and the kind of cry that leaves a nasty headache in its wake. I feel really violated and so very annoyed.

My mum consoled me, my Dad, the mechanic, took the ignition to the locksmith (fingers crossed he can fix it) and Daniel arrived home early with the sweetest smelling roses. Because we couldn't drive anywhere Daniel, Che and I walked up to the cafe this afternoon to have coffee and cake and forget our woes.

Coffee and cake - a powerful combination.

totally unrelated photo of the beach and the rock pool where we will no doubt spend many a summer morning


  1. Bad news Jodi. I hate that people do this kind of thing to each other. Keep smiling. :)

  2. oh jodi...soooo scary.
    glad you had loving arms around.

  3. You poor thing!

    I would hate that feeling too, someone in my private space.

    Glad to hear you have such a supportive family :)

    And yes, I am also freaked out that Christmas is SO close. Where did 2010 go?!

  4. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry! It really is so awful to feel violated, particularly by strangers. Sometimes those big fat tears can leave you strangely invigorated the next day.. Let some of that stress out!
    So glad that you have a fabulous family around you and listen, I'm a MASSIVE believer in coffee and cake :)
    Sending you lots of love
    xox tash

  5. Oh jodie that is horrible and so scary. I hope that a few days have passed and your feeling better. As the other comments have said that loving arms and support around you can help so much. So glad your ok, take care lovely lady and hope it doesnt upset you too much. Xx

  6. Oh dear Jodi. That's awful. I hope the ignition can be fixed without too much hassle.

  7. Some people! That's terrible! I would also have burst into tears. So glad you had loving people around you. Sorry it had to happen though.