Thursday, October 7, 2010

taking photos

I always blush when I get an email that compliments my photography. I consider myself an absolute amateur and by no means should I be giving anyone else advice on how to take photos. But...a few of you have asked so here goes:

Yes, I do take all of the photos that I post here. Daniel bought me a compact camera a few years back and although it's a relatively cheap, non-flashy little thing it does have manual setting which means I can adjust the Iso, apature, timing, focus etc. It's been a gem and I've learnt a lot! It also helps to having a partner with a pretty extensive knowledge of cameras and how they work. In saying that, Daniel has only given advice when I've asked for it...and sometimes his constructive critisicm, which I detest at first, has been an enormous help.

I usually take about 20 photos before I capture what I'm after. Che has grown up with a camera stuck to his Muma's face and so he's pretty used to being photographed. However, apparently it's just not cool for a three-year-old to be photographed by his Mum so occassionally he will put his hand up in front of his face. I then tell him that I'm actually taking photos of the flowers behind him. Small white lie, guilty I know, but imagine the regret if he didn't have photos of himself age 3. Just imagine.

Daniel and I are looking at buying the Panasonic GH1 - he's done the research and it's fabulous at stills and HD video - I take the stills, he takes makes the movies. I look forward to the day when that arrives.

Ultimately, what I love about taking photos is the appreciation for finer details. You become more aware of the world around you when you carry a camera in your bag. Everywhere-you-go. It's also incredibly rewarding to take a photo that you're happy with. And to have on film the day your little boy climbed a tree at the park. Get snapping, I say.


  1. i never realized what i was missing until i picked up a camera. your photos are gorgeous.

    ps. we have those bunny pants...a favorite around here.

    pss. did you receive the fish in the mail? i hope so. i mailed it from the states so just making sure it arrived to it's new home.

  2. i dream of the day I can buy a 'real' camera but i still can't believe how fun it has become even using my good old power shot. you begin to see the beauty of all things when are you behind the lens. keep up the photos, che will love them when he looks back!

  3. And in gumboots no less! Adorable. I have just started embracing home movies. Perfect for capturing a milestone. Enjoy the new camera.

  4. So lovely his sweet voice! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. That tree climbing moment is so sweet. You have inspired me to work out how to record video on my camera.

  6. My little Alpha just demanded we watch the tree boy movie over and over. Beautiful memories.

  7. Great video (excellent editing!). Gosh, he is just so cute. And your photos are lovely. I think Louis is like Che - even now at just 5 months he knows what is happening when we say 'smile.'
    Interested to see what you think of your new camera when you get it. I am still dreaming of the Nikon D90 - fingers crossed I may not have to wait too much longer.

  8. Adorable! What song is that? Thanks :)