Sunday, October 18, 2009

mumas with bellies...then babes

Last week I had six prenatal students well past their due dates. one class. It was a beautiful class. Their awareness was so inward, they were so soft and relaxed....biding time till the imminent births of their babies. The other students in the class took great care to watch these mumas because regardless of how pregnant they were, they knew their time would come. Where they moved cautiously, the deep weight of a babe cocooned inside them. Waiting. Waiting.

Throughout this week I received six messages, all describing wonderful, unique and natural birth experiences. I told my students on Saturday that teaching prenatal yoga is one of the most natural things I have ever done. That I feel so blessed to share such a beautiful journey with these encourage them to embrace their pregnancy and help them prepare for a joyous birth. It feels like I've done it all before. I think about my students between classes, especially if their nearing the end of their pregnancy. Then they have their babies and I welcome another bunch of women to class...and so it goes.

So blessed I am to share yoga and positive birth stories with these blessed I am to be able to combine my passions into a project that I am oh so excited about.

There, I've put it out there. I have to do it now. I won't tell you just yet, but I'd appreciate a reminder in a few months time if it's not mentioned again.

I held the most precious little five-month-old baby boy yesterday. Koru, you are beautiful.

And a huge blessing and congratulations to fliss, claerwen and leigh who are all enjoying their brand new and very precious baby boys.

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  1. this reminds me so much of my prenatal classes (with Little A). We were such a tight group, most of us first timers and i remember the feeling of the room and the awareness when it was close to each woman's time.
    it is such beautiful work you do Jodi.

  2. Us pregnant ladies are lucky to have such passionate yoga teachers during such a special time...... I would be lost without mine.

  3. Amazing work you are blessed to do. The gentle way you speak of it is so inspiring. You have such a lovely way with words.

  4. hello lovely girl! thank you for great comment during my pre-labour. i really held onto your words as it was tempting to worry something was wrong. u really do have your calling in this field! am nearly finished my birth story - so much i want to do but sleep has to be my proirity in these early days. lots of love xx ps love the zebra print at the beach