Wednesday, October 21, 2009

first swim of the season

I knew when Daniel walked in from work yesterday afternoon that the time of year had come. Where we spend late afternoons and early evenings building sandcastles and bathing in the ocean. Around 4.46pm we immersed ourselves in the sea - it was exilirating, refreshing and the perfect ceremonious occassion to welcome the Summer season. It was good to wash away winter layers and dive under the water for a few moments, listening only to the gentle push and pull of the tide. It was so good to feel that rhythm, a lulling sensation.

Silence, for just a few moments, means so much to me now that I'm a Muma. I need a bit of it, in every day. I'm a better Muma beause of those few moments of quiet. Even if I have to block my ears, close my eyes and hum with my exhalation (it's a practice called bhramari - humming bee breath....known to soothe the nervous system and move your awareness inwards). Bhramari is the most popular breathing technique used by my prenatal students in labour...because their awareness moves to the vibration in their body instead of the contraction. I hope they remember in their every day to take a few breaths, to move inwards and to remember that when they are challenged, they know how to breathe.

I hope they remember how revitalising a swim in the ocean can be.


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  2. i just did bhramari. i am ready to start a good day. :)
    i always get positive energy from you after reading your blog.
    thank you for the lovely note. he is doing great now. package has been sent out. xo jimin

  3. Ah Jodi sweet spring evenings at the beach with your boys!
    I love bhramari too. It is my favourite pranayama.

  4. Hi Jodi, thank you for your beautiful comment on our blog. What a lovely blog you have too, the beach photos are sublime. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. many summer nice to read as we brace ourselves for fall and then winter....time to knit!