Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in a field...

we dreamed of a wrap-around verandah
more children
a dinner bell
tea and cake
piles of books
incense burning
a hammock
a home to build, add to, settle in and love.
One day.
ps. it's for sale (the field)


  1. Your home? Or the home you dream of? Sorry, work-addled.
    Home Girl posted the link from The Age. I couldn't find one on SMH. Here 'tis:

  2. the field...it's for sale. and we'd love it. love to build on it. make it ours

  3. What a dream! Hope it comes true for you!

  4. Thats a lovely looking field... hope those dreams come true for you :)

  5. Dreams are wonderful aren't they....especially when they approach coming true!
    btw Jodi I emailed you....just wondering if you actually received it?

  6. That looks like a beautiful field, in a beautiful part of the world!

  7. I totally understand... I have a dream about building a house on Tamborine mountain. Looking into the valley. With chickens, a veggie patch and herbs and fruit trees, a flwer garden so there are always fresh flowers on the table, a chair under a tree to read, with chickens and a claw foot bath. It is an elaborate and well thought out plan. Maybe one day. For both of us.

  8. such a sweet dream :) and dreamy pix to match.

  9. oh wow that field sure does suit u lot. looks gorgeous. lets hope those powers that sorted u out with the bookshop cafe are listening! goodluck xx

  10. How exciting!
    That's exactly what happened to us. Now we sit on our porch and look out onto our field and say "I can't believe we're here.".

  11. Hello, I am new to your blog saw your comment on Bluebirdbaby... : )
    Wishing you well on your sweet dreams!!

  12. Caleb looked at the post and asked if that was where the faries lived. I said yes of course.

  13. it's a lovely field. and it really really suits you.

  14. What a lovely dream... the field looks wonderful, such beautiful big trees in the background!