Friday, May 15, 2009


The focus for my pre-natal classes at the moment is asteya or letting go of greed. Being in the here, the now, not wishing or grasping for the journey to end. Enjoying the present moment...just being. I'm re-reading Buddhism for Mothers at the moment and it is so much more relevant now that Che is a little more grown. I'm nodding my head to almost every sentence and finding comfort in the suggestions for thought and practice. Especially mindfulness.

I especially like the suggestion to tell yourself what your doing throughout your day. The affirmation really has the power to almost throw you into the present. Yesterday I began talking to myself. In the best possible way. At the close of the day I felt nourished. And nurtured.

I taught a yoga class, cooked a chicken casserole, swept the balcony, tended to my herbs, read with Ché, made the beds...and spent two hours in a day spa. It surprised me that even as I was being wrapped in amazonian nut mud I still had to tell myself to relax. "I am relaxing."

It's quite liberating to be in the moment, constantly expanding your awareness of where you are and what you're doing. To actually be mothering instead of chasing time, children and chores.

I am writing


  1. A perfect post for how I am feeling at the moment...thank you Jodi.

  2. Funny...
    I'm re-reading Buddhism for Mothers too. I pick it up at a random page and read on to recalibrate my mind...:)

  3. Buddhism for Mothers is a great one--- I seem to be re-reading it every couple of months.

  4. yes. lovely post. but then again yours always are. so very thoughful. full of peace, quiet, but also at the same time they are a grand celebration of what it means to be human and Divine all at once.

    thank you.

  5. Must all be re-readng the same book!!! Lovly post, tamk you orthe reminder to live in the now.

  6. Bless you, lovely lady.
    I always come away from reading your blog feeling lovely and calm and I just tried talking to myself and yes, there's that feeling again.
    Thank you

  7. Ah what a common thread I find in your post...
    wonderful book...and much needed reminders, yes.