Wednesday, May 6, 2009

for the love of

When did your obsession begin?

At the moment we have to turn our head when a bus, truck, tractor and, most definitely, a fire engine passes us by. He loves the zoom zoom, clunk, clunk, clickety-clack sound of engines. The high-pitched repetition of the siren. He's so passionate about diggers and lorries and semi-trailers. So young and yet so enthralled.

It got me thinking about whether this will stay with him. This love.

He's walking and talking now and I think I may be (quietly) wondering where my little bubba went to. And where this little person came from. In the same moment I adore the way he trudges along beside me, down the footpath, stopping to pick up a rock, a leaf, an old shopping receipt. If I crouch down to his level our world is so much bigger.

"there it is"
"what's this"
"mwah mwah"
(written here so I never forget).


  1. When I had my son I couldn't believe how innate that broom broom car thing was. We looked down when our fella was about 11months old and there he was brooming a block. He is almost 4 andhis passion for all things that go is as strong as ever. On the other hand my daughter at the same age mothers her teddies. To nurture is her nature. It tugs when they become little people.

  2. so beautiful, Jodi. and you are right. they do make our world so much bigger. and sweeter.

  3. It is an all too brief, precious time.

    Love your blog.

  4. This reminded me so much of Gillen, my now 11 year old, when he was little. It did last. He bought himself an ATV (off road vehicle) this week!

  5. Sounds just like my youngest one.. and I always wonder the same thing. :)

  6. Isnt it funny how out of no where it seems little boys some how gravitate to transportation? One day the words car,plane,tractor, bike and "choo choo" appeared in his vocabulary. Its so sweet, I love it. Little boys love things that go......

  7. ah yes, the sudden interest and fascination with what's going on around them. Jasper's into birds at the moment. He hears them and then looks around until he spies them. So sweet. Fin was into diggers, and now he's into cars, big time. Everywhere we go, it's "did you see that holden mum?". I'm not really into cars, but I'm learning a lot. Looking forward to seeing you sweeties next week!

  8. this sounds very familiar and i also find it so sweet. a funny thing i have noticed is how i automatically notice these things now too. i was in the car with my childfree friend and a flashing fire-engine raced by, i got instantly excited even though the kids weren't there. my friend on the otherhand didn't even notice it - not tunned in at all to such things!

  9. These photos are so beautiful. Your blog is so lovely, in words and pictures. Thank you for sharing.