Friday, October 10, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 20

Very slowly, room-by-room I have Spring cleaned. I have aired and decluttered each space, packed winter clothes away and organised a council pick-up. I was expecting a lady in a green beret to turn up and rifle through the rubbish but only a boy arrived. He took the rusty bike and ran.

There have been many moments when I have asked myself if I really need it. What do I like about it? Do I even like it? When did I last wear it? As I decluttered I began to think about clutter. What is clutter? Apparently it's something you don't need, want or like.

I prefer Mirka Mora's description:

"Why do most people talk about clutter in a derogatory way?

In my case, I think clutter is the thread of my memory wanting to have its own continuity through familiar objects...

Some people are disturbed by the energy of the assemblage of things in my house. Some people bathe in it, of course, and some get puzzled. But I always hope that those who are not disturbed will go home and unleash all their hidden treasures from the cupboards and start to have a dialogue with their memories. It is life who demands this. We have to ponder so many things endlessly. C'est la force des choses - it is the power of things who makes us take note, stop or run."

Taken from "Love and Clutter"

I find it hard to leave a windowsill untouched. I love to be surrounded by beautiful things - many beautiful things.

It's true. As I move from room to room I glance at the objects around me and memories do come flooding back. I remember a trip to Venice, a friend, a different time to now. I have cleared and cleaned and now the clutter is in its place.

The collection of clutter continues to grow...gentle reminders of days, of people and of places.


  1. This is a lovely post. I like Mirka's description very much.

  2. Yes, a very lovely post. You write so beautifully.

  3. oooh! I love this post. I have been de-cluttering our summer clothes in preparation for Winter and like you have been thinking a lot about clutter and what it means. I love your positive take on it. My windowsills are filled with "memories" as well.

  4. Thank you. So timely for me as I have been, am still in, a major de-cluttering process at our place and it is the memories and emotion attached to "things" that keeps me "stuck" to them... but as you describe, some clutter is to cherish. Lovely, lovely post.

  5. I like to think of the stuff in my home as "organised clutter", although with these pesky boys around, it becomes disorganised very quickly! I too find it hard not to adorn an empty space, I see an empty corner and think, hmm, I could put another chair there. It's funny, but when other people enter my home, they always say it feels cosy and inviting. I guess we all like some kind of clutter after all.

  6. Well said! It also struck a chord with me as I'm doing a bit of a clean-up around here.
    You've affirmed for me that yes, I should keep those little bits and pieces that make me feel happy. thanks :)

  7. Hello there. Nice to find another Central Coast blogger and few photos where I can recognise the backdrop.
    Ah, spring cleaning. I have a very full, busy house, so I feel like I am always cleaning.
    I borrowed Mirka Mora's biography - kind of like a dream journal - from Kinnie library. It's one of my fav books and I worked very hard to resist buying it the one time I saw it in a Sydney book store. Eeek. Too many art books that I've borrowed but just loved and want to own.