Tuesday, October 7, 2008

30 days of gratitude : 18

I think I've realised how fun a one-year-old can be. How interested and engaged and excited my little boy is. Giddy in Spring sunshine we played and went exploring. He's so content to sit on my hip and wander with me. To point at flags and birds and wave goodbye to strangers who stop to chat. Today we ate peaches and strawberries and this evening we enjoyed roasted butternut pumpkin. And now I can see the remnants of peaches and strawberries and pumpkin on my cardigan.

Since becoming a mum I have become more grounded. I spend more time crawling around on the ground that I ever have before in my life. I don't get too bothered if my clothes get dirty or my hair gets messy. I spend so much time wandering on beaches, in parks and around gardens with Che. I love it and he loves it and I feel so much happier and healthier because of it.

For the last week or so I have been preparing our little balcony for the warmer weather - planting fresh herbs and spring blooms and clearing the clutter that had resided there over the winter months. We spend so much time here over summer - it's the best place to ponder, read and relax and because the ocean is at the bottom of the hill we often get a subtle sea breeze. Che has his own swing now too so he can suspend from the beams and watch the world go by.

I made cupcakes today and shared one with Che. Not quite as amazing as these, but still fun. He was recovering from his cold on his birthday and wasn't fussed with cake so I thought I would indulge him. He wasn't impressed with the icing (which secretly made me happy) but he loved the buttery cake. It was so yummy we decided to share some with friends.

I am still smiling at the beautiful gifts we were given on his birthday. I am so enjoying flipping through the storybooks and building with the blocks. So many generous people. Including Miss HazyJane who sent Che a gorgeous pair of handmade pants (the best pants) and a homemade card, which, funnily enough, looks alot like he did on his birthday morning - it was definitely a red crown kinda birthday. I got spoilt too - a cloth bag perfect for books/shopping/anything really. She's clever that girl and one of the neatest sewers I have ever come across.

Such a pleasant day we had.


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  2. What a lovely post - strawberries and peaches - you lucky things!

    The balcony looks so pleasant - is that a rainforest view? Those cupcakes look good too....

  3. Beautiful post. You live in such a beautiful place. Now Im hungry after reading this.

  4. They really are just the best. Beautiful blog :)

  5. I think we are all enjoying the spring weather at the moment. It is fantastic. One year olds are a great age as you start to get out of the baby cloud.
    I have also tagged you if you are interested at playing, up to you.

  6. Your a beautiful mummy...
    Your are beautiful...thanks for the chats today.

    Cant wait for the 18th...xxxxx

  7. aw, thanks jodi, you're a sweetie!