Wednesday, June 25, 2008

taking a walk

Today we went walking on our street. It was a bright day and we strolled along enjoying the wind and the sunshine. There were many times I would drive along our street and hope to one day live here. I got what I wished for. Our gorgeous house is perched halfway along one of the oldest streets on the Central Coast. There are a few cottages that have been here for decades. Like this one:

In a few weeks time the magnolia tree will be flowering and I will wander across the road to admire the pink delight of cherry blossoms. I know they will be there because the trees were in full bloom when I was in full pregnancy bloom last year. Last year he was in my belly and now he spends a good part of the day on my hip. I have been loving the baby sling lately. Che is now strong enough to sit up in it and he likes being up high, chatting with me as we wander. Today he thought he would taste leaves for the first time.

Flowers tomorrow;

The sun made us sleepy, the fresh air turned our cheeks pink and Che held my hair all the way home;


  1. On the weekend I rarely get to check the computer as the girls are always on the go. Daddy has taken them to the park and as I'm making my way through the clean vacuuming and mopping - the computer is in our room, the last room on my route. I saw your mail and thought I can respond straight away. Nice to meet "someone" on my side of the world and with such a gorgeous little fella to watch grow. Loved the photo of your threesome family - such a gorgeous present. I'll check in again.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. We are really excited about having a baby. It looks like you are having lots of fun with your little one!