Monday, June 30, 2008

my favourite

While browsing through the new edition of my favourite magazine I stumbled upon the books page and discovered that my much-loved and all-time favourite author has just released her latest collection of short stories. Jhumpa Lahiri is a master story-teller. I dream of writing like her (one day very soon). If you haven't read any of her work then go and get yourself this, curl up in a warm place and get to know Lahiri's beautiful characters. Tonight I plan to be sitting on the couch, blanket over my feet, tea in one hand, Unaccustomed Earth in the other. I plan on making this one last...reading only a few pages at a time. Re-reading inspiring sentences. On my business card I have written "threading words together"... I imagine that Jhumpa Lahiri has threaded each of her words together with gold silk. This is how special her stories are.


  1. I haven't heard of her, but I've been meaning to find a good book for ages so I'll seek this one out when I'm in the city at work this week.

  2. I bought Interpretor of Maladies for my sister in law (who is Australian:) based on reading a review. She loved it and gave it back to me to read on the way home from AUS one time. So I always group this writer and AUS together. And now you've given me more reason. We just watched The Namesake but I wish I'd read the book first. I am excited to hear about another book by this great writer.

  3. Is she an indian author? I love indian stories for some reason. Just commented on Laura Jean on my blog. Let me know about the gig in October on the Central Coast!