Monday, December 9, 2013

early mornings

a refreshing sea palette; just what I need right now

I've been talking about working from home a lot lately. People seem interested to know what it's like and I admit, most presume it's easy. In the scheme of things it is the easier option but I would never describe it as 'easy'. It's a bit like motherhood; a constant juggling act where you do, at times, dodge the unpredictables.

For the past week or so I have been rising early to get a few hours in before the kids wake up. It's a productive time and I'm thankful that the words flow easily and I can tick a few stories off the list before breakfast.

This morning was a little different, though. I met Gaby and Theresa at the beach for a photo shoot for the next instalment of The Sling Diaries (it's fun being on the other side of the camera! You can see my diary entries here). Both girls wore their gorgeous babes in silk and linen and we talked about the crawling stage, lack of sleep, travel plans and house prices. It was a beautiful way to spend a morning; socialising, taking photos and soaking in sea air - all before 8am! It got me excited for those days post Christmas when Daniel, the kids and I will head down with our umbrella and beach paraphernalia and while away the holidays. 

For now it's back to work..then school pick up, afternoon tea, dinner, bath, story time, tea, a bit more work, bed -

I can't wait to share photos of our morning....a beautiful muma and her babe, little hands and little toes, a backdrop of ocean and seagrass. 

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