Thursday, October 31, 2013


Last weekend I discovered a local horticulturalist who propagates the most beautiful succulents. I brought a basket-load home with me and planted them into little terracotta pots that now surround a mala-wearing Ganesha at our front door. Ganesha is the hindu elephant god; a "remover of obstacles" he is usually placed at the entrance of homes and temples. 

I've been bringing more green into the home, appreciating the colour and the life it creates. A pot of thyme is thriving on the dining room table (and isn't at the mercy of caterpillars) and succulents are decorating the mantle and the kitchen windowsill. Considerably cheaper and much longer-lasting than a bunch of flowers; a potted herb or succulent really does make a great hand-made gift. 

A few succulents I adore, from left to right:
  • lady grey - rosettes of glaucous grey-green leaves with a reddish-purple hue if exposed, it grows upright spikes of pink star flowers
  • window plant - rosettes of green fleshy-pointed leaves featuring small white/violet bell-shaped flowers on a 30cm stem
  • fairy's washboard - freeform leaves with offsets forming a large clump. Leaves have built-in solar collectors in green fleshy foliage
  • limelight - waxy rosettes of lime green leaves
  • golden sun cup - delightful, compact succulent renowned for decorative foliage
If you're considering nature as a gift for Christmas but need to send it in the mail, no need to think of an alternative; Sow 'n Sow have a gorgeous range of seed packets that come with an envelope - ready for snail mail. Following Monday's post regarding Christmas presents for kids, I've added a few simple, practical (genius!) items to the list including a sticky tape dispenser - thanks, Jody! I think the number one practical yet much-loved item/toy in our home is an apple corer - particularly useful in autumn when I'm stewing fruit.  

I can't believe it's Friday afternoon - where did the week go? If you're in the mood for reading over the weekend there's a feature on me in mylookbook magazine that's hints at some changes I'm planning around these parts. And elsewhere? I really enjoyed these posts from some of my favourite bloggers:

Feel free to add a link to one of your favourite reads from the week...

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