Monday, October 21, 2013

fourteen | practicing simplicity

Embrace creative progress, let go of perfectionism.

It's so hard for me to admit but it's been one of the most profound lessons I've learnt this year:  perfectionism may enhance my professional life but it most definitely hinders my everyday life. 

It's difficult to let go of idealist ways if they are ingrained in your very being. But I've come to realise that I no longer have a choice; I can either lower my standards or spend most days annoyed and disappointed at the state of my home, my lack of free time, my inability to create the scene that I envisage in my head. 

So I've done just that; I've stopped trying to get to the bottom of the washing pile, I've accepted that our walls need a paint but it's not going to get done any time soon, and I've realised that toys on the floor and books on the stairs is not mess, it's just evidence that children live here. 

My creative self? I can strive for perfectionism there and I do; with words and photos I seek to capture and document beauty (truth and beauty). I wholeheartedly believe that creativity is essential to a mother's sanity because creative projects have definite beginnings and endings. A finished project can't be undone; it's proof of time, energy and artistic expression. But creative endeavours are only realised by making them a priority and so I've begun to do just that. I'm also approaching blog reading with a little more clarity because I know that beside every beautifully designed room is a pile of stuff that sits just outside the frame (hint, hint). 

So: prioritise creativity -  it's good for you and your happiness. 

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