Saturday, December 1, 2012

the creatives | a photography and writing workshop

A few months ago, on a rather ordinary day, I received three emails. After the general hello and introduction, each email asked the very same question: "Would you consider running a photography/writing workshop with Tim Coulson?" I just couldn't ignore that kind of serendipity..... 

I'm giddy to announce that Tim and I have created a one-day workshop to inspire the storyteller within you. Together we will share what we know about photography and writing; how we document experiences, the importance of intuition and the technical aspects involved. 

We'll spend the day chatting about the following:
  • recording the experience - why and how Tim shoots (why he never orchestrates his subjects) as well as some tips for shooting on manual
  • emotional shooting - how to connect with your subject and get amazing photos in return
  • gathering inspiration and observing moments - why I love writing and my note taking process 
  • threading words together - how to engage the reader, share your thoughts and eloquently express ideas
  • the experience - a live shoot using your new-found photography and writing knowledge - find the story and document your experience 
  • theory - how and why we choose specific shots, creating a sequential story and writing to bring it all together
  • q & a - we're happy to answer all of your questions (about photography, writing and blogging)
The Details:

This is a workshop for people passionate about documenting their everyday; those who want to improve and broaden their photography and writing skills. 

The workshops will be held in Sydney (location to be confirmed) on the following days:

  • Friday, 3rd May 2013
  • Friday, 26th July 2013

We'll meet up at 9am and work together till 6pm. A decadent lunch and afternoon tea will be provided, as well as drinks and pick-me-up snacks. To reserve your spot email me -

Hopefully chat to you soon...........

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