Tuesday, December 11, 2012

counting down the days

I'm wrapped in a cardigan and scarf tonight, listening to the chorus of rain and crickets and frogs. It's surprisingly cold here at the moment; strange to be wearing woolens and simultaneously admiring the Christmas tree (that sweet pine scent). 

I'm counting down the days, and the stories, till December 21st - the final deadline before Christmas. Then I can switch off and step away, make peppermint bark and wrap last minute gifts. Perhaps we'll go to the carols, perhaps we'll sing at home. Celebrations will be small and cheerful, beautiful people and good food.

Whilst the excitement of Christmas is building; all that wondering and anticipation rising, I'm also feeling the end-of-year lull that calls for early nights. I adore Christmas but I also love those days just before New Year where, with full bellies and happy hearts, we lounge around the house reading new books and snacking on leftovers. 

What are your Christmas plans? And if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, do you think you'll be blessed with a white Christmas?

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