Monday, July 16, 2012

spider boy

Che returned home from a visit to Bunnings as a tired and very emotional spider boy. When I greeted him in shock he got all teary: "Mum, it's really just me, it's Che Che."

I disregarded those tears at the time but in retrospect they were the first sign that things weren't quite right. By dinnertime he was bedridden with an awful headache (his first) and continuous vomiting. 

And I can't believe I'm saying it so soon it goes.

Call me a hypercondriac but my thoughts went straight to meningitis. Headache and vomiting - not a good combination. Thankfully the GP shared my concerns and proceeded to rule out the scary virus before declaring that it was just a bug. But nasty bugs and lightweight boys can get a little serious and as per doctors orders we prepared for a trip to the hospital with our dehydrated little one. Daniel was in Sydney so while we waited for him to come home I gave Che teaspoons of water and encouraged him to eat hydrating iceblocks. I packed spare clothes, warm socks, vegemite sandwiches and apples for what could have been a long, tedious wait.

Thankfully he began to keep fluids down and when he started asking for pizza and a banana smoothie I exhaled sweet relief. But there was no way he was getting pizza for dinner. He went to bed a little hungry and slept for eleven hours.

Today he is ravenous and happy and I'm opening the windows and burning eucalyptus oil to rid our home of germs.

Despite his persistent pleas for smoothies I'm being boring and responsible and feeing him toast, apples, noodles in chicken stock and a bit of fresh orange juice. I'm strengthening that little belly because come Thursday, we'll be eating cake!

winter germs, be gone. please.

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