Thursday, July 19, 2012


She was unsettled last night so when midnight came round we sang her happy birthday and she sat up in bed, proud as could be, bobbing her head to the tune. 

This morning she delighted in paper, refused to wear her party hat and played peek-a-boo more times than I could count. 

Poet Winter is one and she blew out her own birthday candle. Sigh. I will always remember watching her as she gobbled up her first piece of cake, wore that little top-knot so well and fed like she did as a newborn - eyes wide, contentedly grunting.

Che made her a card yesterday with a scattering of gold stars and a big red heart. He said to me: "A heart, for love. Because I love Poe Poe."

We do love you Poe Poe. So much. Happy birthday beautiful girl. You are pure joy and one year ago today you changed our world, forever.

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