Sunday, June 19, 2011

remember this photo...

"Next to letterbox number 33 on my wet wintry street. The branches of the cherry blossom are growing moss like bundles."

Daniel has entered it in the Air New Zealand Winter Pix for Tix competition. Basically, if we get enough votes, we'll be flying to snow-laden New Zealand for a winter holiday. Daniel will be up and down the mountain, I'll be sipping hot chocolate from the warm lodge - because on skis I do a pretty good interpretation of Bambi on ice.

Please don't feel obliged but if you are on facebook, you can visit here and click the "Vote For It" button. Thank You!


  1. I'm not on facebook Jodi, otherwise I would. Stunning photo. A holiday in NZ sounds perfect to me right now! Good luck. Jade x

  2. Done Jodi. You guys so much deserve a trip away as a family of four. I am thinking not before?

    Just wanted to again say thank you for being you.


  3. My vote done, and I gave suggested it to my FB friends so hopefully u might get a few more votes too :) xx

  4. Gorgeous photo! Goodluck in the competition. I made my vote.

  5. wonderful pic - hope you win. i would vote but don't use facebook

  6. It's incredible. I'm voting. Kellie xx

  7. It's a beautiful photo Jodi, as are all Daniel's images of you all out wandering and exploring in your last post. I hope you win! Bambi on skis - now thats a great visual image!
    Nice to find your blog.
    Amanda x

  8. I wish I were on FB, Jodi... but I think you are going to get lots of votes anyway. Keep dreaming of snow and hot chocolate... and treasure those last weeks of pregnancy.


  9. That's a really stunning photo, it's very much in the same style my Dad, who is an amazing photographer, takes shots of nature.
    I have voted and will ask friends to vote as well!
    You deserve a winter holiday!

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous photo. I hope he wins.

    Seaking fo gorgeous photos, I love your new header. Made me smile :-)

  11. will go and vote now! wouldn't a snow holiday just be great, although i'm with you i'd rather be tucked up and warm in the lodge!
    goodluck! xx

  12. Have voted Daniel - best of luck you guys.

  13. that image is amazing.
    will vote when i next fb.
    x ashley

  14. just voted! Amazing photo, good luck! Rach x