Sunday, May 1, 2011

there's going to be a baby

Story time: "There's Going to be a Baby" by John Burningham & Helen Oxenbury.

Che: "Mum, can I tell you a question?"
Me: Sure.
Che: "How did the baby get in your belly?"
Me: One day, Muma and Dada decided we would really like the baby to start growing in my belly. And it did."
Che: "Can I get in there?"
Me: "No, you've already been in there. When it was your turn to grow."
Che: "How will the baby come out."
Me: "Well, when the baby is ready I'll start getting a few pains in my belly and I might breathe really deep and perhaps make deep, roaring noises like a lion. And then it will be born."
Che: "Who will catch the baby?"
Me: "I'm not sure yet. Maybe Dad, he caught you. Or maybe Val, our midwife."
Che: "Will the baby have milky?"
Me: "Yes."
Che: "Can I have some too?"
Me: "No, you had milky for two whole years. When the baby is born it will be the baby's turn for milky."
Che: "Muma, I'm love the baby."
Me: "The baby loves you too."


  1. Cute!!
    What a precious time in your lives this is... reading your conversation has warmed my day and my heart!

    P.S - such a good idea using book to prepare him for the new arrival.

    x claire

  2. What a gorgeous moment - for you both. Jade x

  3. what a sweet conversation! it made me smile.

  4. Gosh, be still my quivering ovaries. Every time I read your blog I want to have a baby this very moment. In any case, your "baby" sounds sweet, and very funny. HE'll be a great big brother. x

  5. I'm all teary! I love the innocence of our children, and loved your answers for Che too.
    Rhi xx

  6. Very sweet :) I loved your answer to the baby in belly question.

  7. I love that conversation :)

  8. haha what an adorable conversation :D Congrats!!

  9. CUTE!
    When faced with the question how do babies get in your belly we said; every woman has eggs inside her, you have some in you now and when you are big one of the egss might turn into a baby like you did. She replied feeling her belly- yep, I can feel my eggs already.

  10. Oh this is so cute! I was trying to find a book exactly like this for my god-daughter. Perfect post/timing. Not long now... xox

  11. i have this book... it's beautiful :)

  12. I could read this story one hundred times and it would still give me a tear! I am ridiculously weepy, but it's also such a sweet story. Ah, the love! Kellie xx

  13. that is so sweet! we get a lot of those same questions around here as we wait for our second little one. so exciting!

  14. Oh what a terribly sweet and gorgeous conversation.

  15. Che is now is so grown. Hopw you are feeling well.xo jill

  16. so cute. they have already bonded. xx m.

  17. Too cute. The boy is precious x