Thursday, May 26, 2011


Spontaneity is not my forte. It seems it's not Che's either. It only took him a few leaf runs and a bit of encouragement though and he was into the afternoon stroll. His three-year-old mood swings are daily occurrences at the moment and no doubt it must be challenging, knowing that within a few weeks, he'll be a big bro. He's excited though, asking when the baby is going to arrive, wondering why it can't be right now. "I don't like waiting," he says. But wait we must.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Daniel's film. And I must say that credit for the superbly knit vest goes to my mum, who Che calls "Mama." He calls me "Muma" and yes, it can be a little confusing but he likes it that way. My knitting skills are completely amateur but I feel lucky to have a Mum who can, when time allows, pass on her knowledge of the needles.

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  1. Is that your house?? That is my kinda house ... Looks so cosy and homely - love it!!

  2. That photo with the lip - that could melt a million hearts! I know when Poppy was born it took Caleb quite a while to get the big bro role, now he is like a little mother hen

  3. That face! I can already hear hearts breaking twenty years from now...

    ...and such a quaint cottage, looks like a home with soul.

    Claire xx

    P.S - Thank you very very very very much for the mention :)

  4. He is adorable. Can't wait to see him with the new babe.

  5. this time last year i was knitting with my mum, waiting for elliot to arrive.

    che che will be a fantastic big brother I'm sure.


    ps so in love with claire's house. isn't it beautiful.

  6. Oh that house, stunning!

    And your little man is adorable with a very clever grandmother, the vest is gorgeous!

    Hi from a new follower x

  7. That is my dream house! What beautiful pictures. I am loving the autumn, as it is beautiful to take pictures of, and fun for the children to play with the leaves.

  8. I always like to think I'm "easy-going" but I do actually have to admit to myself that I need some time to get used to change.

    Babies probably help you ease up a little bit. It's funny that your little man has so much of you in him!

    It's extraordinary how their personalities are so defined so early on.

  9. that upturned smile is pretty adorable.
    i'm reading backwards so now i see your mama made the awesome vest.
    it's such a different experience for each child on becoming an older sibling. Little A was completely resistant while i was pregnant and then immediately took on the role with grace and pride.
    i'm so excited for you all.

  10. your house looks lovely. and so does Che with his pout.

  11. The house is gorgeous and the child too. Big favour, could you tell me the pattern number for the vest? I think I have a big favour to ask of my mother ;)