Tuesday, September 7, 2010

like bees

...busy we are. It seems that everything is speeding up and it's easy to get in a whirlwind. We travel north next week for a little Spring break and I've got stories to write, washing to do and a million and one little things to tick off my list before we leave.

Che is in the midst of a drastic and seemingly huge growth spurt. His tantrums have become so intense in the last week and he literally shocks himself with rage. It must be so strange for a little one to be so emotional, so angry and yet no know how to deal with it. I'm trying my best to stay patient but I'm noticing that I need a few more breaks myself. Otherwise it's easy to yell and scream back. Not a pretty look.

Today at the park he climbed a tree. Almost three-year-olds climb trees, apparently. They also paint with poo in Dada's wardrobe in an attempt to celebrate Father's Day. I was mortified. I had heard of children doing this but I was convinced it would never happen to me. And because it was Father's Day I couldn't ask Daniel to clean it up. Let's hope that's the first and last time.

Tomorrow the sweet Rummey Bears visit. We're embarking on a little project for a magazine I write for and we'll be spending a creative day in the spring sunshine. Lots to look forward to and lots to celebrate (it's birthday month in these parts).

If you are just beginning to feel the crisp air of Autumn ... happy fall to you.


  1. busy bee indeed and its okay to need a break now and then - all of us do! enjoy your day in sun tomorrow. x

  2. Oh dear, that poop story doesn't sound good.

    My 3 year old is throwing a fair few tantrums at the moment and I too find it hard to stay calm.

    Enjoy your time away. x

  3. Oh you're jasmine is flowering. Mine is doing nothing. It's in the wrong spot. I'll try again somewhere with better all-day sun. Say a bloggy hello to the bears and I hope the article goes well. You haven't mentioned how that juggle is going. OK, I hope.

  4. My darling boy has had some quite spectacular moments, possibly down to the stress of the move which is understandable! On his good days he is still the same gorgeous boy, so we try to value those and heap on the praise. but yes, some time off would be nice too! xx