Sunday, August 8, 2010

the best kind of place

a sunny, restful day in a little seaside town called Patonga. Fish and chippies for lunch followed by a good afternoon reading session in the sun. There's a little place called Dark Corner and there's about 5 cottages perched on the headland. They're heritage listed and only accessible by car if the tide is low. Imagine living there. Just imagine.

I needed this day after the past week. I've written so many words and taught 5 classes. It's been good but exhausting. Another busy week ahead. I'm glad I had the down time.

I like an early Sunday night...this being one of them.


  1. beautiful photos - looks like a lovely weekend. I love Sunday nights - just a quite time for 3 x

  2. That little beach is one of our favourites too, oh to live in one of those houses!

  3. wow, this special little place looks amazing...enjoy your monday!

  4. Patonga is really quaint, isn't it!

    Your photos are gorgeous.

    We were at North Entrance beach for most of yesterday, it was lovely in the fresh breeze, watching the sets roll in. Was hoping for a bit of whale spotting, but alas, nothing.

    Have a great week.


  5. Hello Jodi. These photos bring back lovely memories. Marty and I lived in Patonga when we first moved to the coast. We rented a tiny fibro cottage right on the beach near the tennis courts. Our view was straight on to Barrenjoey and the light house would gently light up the wall behind our bed at night. The community was very welcoming to us. This was all pre baby and they sold the cottage so we had to reluctantly move.
    I would very much recommend visiting in Summer and when the tide is running out of Patonga creek, grab a lilo and lie with the outgoing tide gently taking u out to the creek mouth to the ocean. Very safe and the most beautiful spot in Australia and most loveliest thing to do on costa centrale.

  6. gorgeous shots. sounds like the perfect little family holiday, glad you've found the time to connect. thanks for the advice re/ the river. very true and a good mantra to keep in mind at the moment. : ) xo m.

  7. Gorgeous shots.

    You have the MOST amazing cheekbones. Lucky ducky. Gorgeous girl.

    I really love your photos. Looks like you own that beach. (and cute bag).

  8. these photos are GORGEOUS!

    looks like a great day :)

  9. This is such a stunning and special part of the east coast. you are so lucky to live so close to it. looks like a perfect way to spend a sunday. are you still coming up in september?? looking forward to it if you are!xx

  10. i think i have said this before but i will say it again, i love coming here. it is like quickly jumping on a plane and being somewhere far. better yet, it's like clicking my heels.
    you live in an amazing place.

  11. indeed. gorgeous photos - all of them! the sky, stones, peeps. love you guys.