Saturday, August 28, 2010

that time again

Just like last year we wandered to the garden tended so carefully by its owner, where fressias and poppies catch the early-Spring winds and beg to be caught by little hands. And of course, in each spray of colour, in each little step is a reminder of how far this boy of mine has come. So far that when I call him 'my baby' he turns around and says: "No muma, I'm your wittle boy." Yes, he's my little boy. Almost 3. Three years that went so very fast.


  1. Caleb at 5 wont even let a 'little' go past, it is big boy only. It is scary once the hands start to change and in the shadows you get glimpses of the man - they grow way too fast those boys!

  2. Your photos are so sweet and precious. My almost three year old son also won't allow me to call him 'my baby' anymore. He won't even let me call him 'my little boy.' He tells me he is a big boy. This has happened too quickly. What he doesn't know is that he will always be my baby!

  3. dear Jodi
    very sweet angel he is.
    just wanted to say thank you for your inspiring and restful yoga classes. they meant a lot to me
    we are leaving the coast in 2 weeks.
    all the best or you and your family
    xx jill

  4. my babe will turn three in a few short months. he still lets me call him my baby though, so for now, i remain okay with the passing time. xo.